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BizVroom is committed to positively impacting today’s business culture by using the power of neuroscience to transform the language of business. We have been working to develop outstanding leaders who drive success by focusing on the human side of human capital for more than a decade.
Our brain-based programmes have been developed using the latest scientific research in the fields of Cognitive Neuroscience, Organisational Psychology, and cutting-edge Leadership principles that will unlock the full potential of your team.
We believe businesses can increase the performance of their people across the entire organisation exponentially by working with the brain instead of against it. By harnessing the power of brain friendly principles your teams will be more inclusive, , more innovative and more productive.

Meet our Team


Bret Freeman, PCC

Bret is passionate about the application of neuroscience to create lasting change in the lives of those with whom he works and has more than 25 years’ experience, facilitating change and delivering key leadership alignment and development programmes to large corporations across a wide range of industries including, Finance, Technology, Pharmaceutical, Professional Services, Government, and Military organisations in over 20 countries.
Bruna De Palo

Bruna De Palo, PCC

Lead Facilitator
Bruna has been working with leaders of global organisations for more than 20 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our corporate clients. Bruna specialises in neuroscience-based coaching and training, and has worked with international teams across various industries, including financial services, banking, technology, healthcare, entertainment, and non-profit.

Paul Davis

Group CFO
Paul brings an extensive array of business acumen and organisational knowledge accumulated over a successful thirty five year commercial career. During this time he has been involved in companies of all sizes from start-ups to FTSE corporates. His role at Vroom Group International is to help with the strategic path to develop it as a financially secure growth driven business.

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